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If you wish to close or delete your account

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How can I cancel, close, or deactivate my account?
Remember, your account and posts are under a pseudonym. No one need know that pseudonym is yours. No one can find your posts and connect them with your real identity unless you've told them the screen name you use on this site.


(If your screen name is readily recognizable because it includes your surname, please contact a moderator immediately to request a new screen name. Unless your first name is unique, using a common first name does not necessitate changing your screen name.)


People who are reading this site will not be able to ascertain your real identity unless you give fairly detailed identifying information. If, for example, you post as AmyOrNot from Seattle taking escilatopram, no one would be able to tell which of the thousands of Seattle Amys you might be, and besides, your real name might be Jimena.


Otherwise, your screen name and post content is not going to stand out among the billions of posts on the Internet. No one but you would search for your screen name and your drug history.
We are reluctant to delete accounts and the content attached to them. This site exists not only to provide peer support but to document the experiences of people going off psychiatric drugs in order to educate physicians about it. Your Introductions topic is a valuable case history. Entirely deleting your account or all your posts leaves holes in discussions, which is unfair to the community and the people and staff who have shown concern for you by responding to your posts.


The site software settings do not permit members to deactivate their accounts. You will need to make a request to an administrator. Administrators can delete, suspend, or ban accounts.  If we ban you, you won't be able to see the site or log in ever again.


Only in extreme circumstances will we delete an account with all its posts.
The fastest and easiest way for you to deactivate your account is to
1. Shut off all notifications (in your Settings)
2. Do not visit the site
3. Do not log in
You may wish to post a farewell message in your Intro topic for those in the community who are concerned about you.
You do not need to notify the administrators that you are doing this.
If you wish to deactivate your account, please save yourself and the administrators time and work and simply follow the 3 steps above.

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