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Tips for tapering off Pristiq (desvenlafaxine)


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8 hours ago, Kevman2112 said:

essentially our reason for asking about half life is related to multiple doses per day and what the best time in between is.


That is correct.  If  the half life of pure desvenlafaxine was (for example) 36 hours then we could take powdered Pristiq every 24 hours without being concerned about interdose withdrawal.


8 hours ago, Kevman2112 said:

I have inter-dose withdrawal in the mornings to early afternoon and then 0 symptoms after 2pm (I was taking the full 37.5mg in the morning around 730.  Yesterday I split it up and took 25mg in the morning and 12.5mg right before bed.


It could take up to a week for the drug to reach a consistent level in the blood.


You might start to notice some improvement after a few days.

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I have been having interdose withdrawal when taking 2x per day, 2.125mg in the morning and 2.125mg later in the day.  Hoping someone can provide advice on 3 doses per day.


My current schedule is:

7:30am- 2.215mg.  Withdrawal symptoms until around 12-1pm

If I take my next dose at 3pm I feel better for the evening but have worse symptoms the next morning.  If I take my next dose between 4-5pm, I feel horrible in the evening but the next morning isn’t so bad. 

I assume I am not getting good coverage with this 2x per day method.


my question is, if I go to 3x per day, what should the split be?  If I go by peak plasma levels I would take it every 7 hours, essentially 7:30am, 2:30pm, 9:30pm.  Does this sound reasonable to anyone?


thanks in advance.

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June 2021: 12.5 to (accidentally) 4.29mg.  Updose to 6mg using compounded Pristiq

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10/2021: 5mg

Planning on 10% reduction every 4-6 weeks



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