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Tips for tapering off Wellbutrin, SR, XR, XL / Zyban (buproprion)


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@Colonial I did that once too! 🤣 Overtired, I guess!

Now: Gabapentin 31 mg 4x/day =124 mg, 150 mg Zoloft am since 2004, 50 mg Trazodone bedtime.  Daily drug burden decreased from 2050 mg to 324 mg 🐢🐢

2020, Gabapentin each dose 4x/day: Aug 20 31 mg, Aug 18, 33 mg, July 29, 35 mg, July 23 38 mg, July 22 40 mg Jun 24 42 mg, Jun 15 44 mg, Jun 9 48 mg, May 22 50 mg, May 14 54 mg, May 7 56 mg, Apr 16 58 mg, Mar 28 60 mg, Mar 18 62 mg. Feb 26 64 mg. Feb 19, 66 mg. Jan 23, 70 mg.

2019 Dec 19, 72 mg. Nov 14 ,76 mg. Aug 8, 80 mg. Aug 6, 85 mg. Jul 26, 90 mg. Jul 11, 95 mg.

Jul 16 trazodone from 100 to 50 mg.

Jun 17-July 10 Slowly changed gab fr pill to liquid at same dose 100 mg 4x/d.

Apr 24 Stopped klon!!! 🌞 Apr 4  Decreased gaba to 400 mg (100 mg 4x/day)-Apr 4, 2019   0.25 klon

March 11  Klonopin .5 mg twice daily, varied dose til Apr 15. Started Klon fast taper 25%, short use

Mar 16, 450 mg gaba 3x/day cut 600 mg--not exact!--updose after learning w/d

Feb 20, 2019 1800 mg gabapentin; MD taper; off 3 days=mvt disorder & autonomic instability. July 2018 temazepam 15 mg 1-2; prn several x/wk til Jan/Feb 2019 when cold turkey, flu illness for months

July 2018 started gabapentin 100 3x/day; titrated up to 1800 mg (600 3x/day)

Buspar, I forget how much, 2 pills a day Jan 2017-July 2018 cold turkey

*I speak from my experience. Nothing I say is medical advice. I'm not a doctor.

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After a very bad withdrawal experience I have done a great amount of reflection on my taper as well as reading and asking questions about Wellbutrin when combined with prozac. I wanted to add a note

You can use SR and IR tablets to make the smaller amounts. For example, from 300mg XL you could take 150XL, 100mg SR, and 20mg of IR made into a liquid to make exactly a 10% cut with a dose of 270mg.

I would like to add my hard lived experience to this post. I had been taking bupropion XL for 8.5 years. I began my taper at the 18.75mg cuts. I got to ten months in on a taper that obviously was wa

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Hi Guys,


I am on 300mg per day of Zyban SR ( 150mg twice a day ) And I need to know if I can crush the entire x2 Zyban SR 150mg pills and then divide the dose into 3 equal amounts and take 3 times a day like IR pills. I understand that the SR pills have binders in them. 


Plan would be for first 10% drop being 30mg for a month - 90mg at 6am, 90mg at 12pm, 90mg at 6pm. Total 270mg per day. This would be 300mg Zyban SR pills crushed and divided. 


Has anyone done this above with SR pills?


Also with changing from SR twice a day to now IR 3 times a day, would it be suggested I do the first month at my normal 300mg per day to get use to the change or should I just the first drop at the same time?


Many thanks guys. Your all awesome.

2015 - Started Zoplicone for sleeping off & on for 5 years ( No more than a week to 10 days at time )

2016 - Stared Thyroxine as I have Hasimotos Hypothyroid ( Still taking today 25mg )

2019 - Problems with Zoplicone started, Tried Temazepham with same problems

2020 - June - Had massive problems with trying different medications and had a breakdown

2020 -  July - Started 6mg Diazepam to help with side effects of Zyban ( Bupropion ) 300mg  

2020 - August - Started Diazepam taper as I have a dependence to Benzo's ( Funny that after they said zoplicone was not a benzo...)

2020 - Oct - 1.2mg diazepam ( Have had 5 major withdrawls since Aug )


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