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no concentration, what can help?


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I went to Germany to do whole body detox,IV ozone therapy, organic food, mineral water,no sugar,immune booster,thymus injections,homeopathic detox injections,vitamins infusions ,liver detox infusions, and while i was there they start giving me Valium for sleep, I took them only for few days, part of there detox something called fever therapy, they inject you with some bacteria I think to stimulate your immune system, I start shaking and my temp went up to 41c, now I have stomach problems and I can not concentrate specially my right side of my head which i had problems with before starting the AD, one PT there told me that all my right neck muscles are stiff, and my scull bones need to be adjusted and she said the fever therapy may worsen your condition, I dont know now is my problem because of the valium I took or because of the fever push or something else( ear problem )???? the strange thing that it is only my right side of my face!!!! I came back from Germany in a very bad shape :( but I hope that my body will benefit from all these things I did there and it will help me to recover faster :)

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You need to recover from your detox! It is impossible to tell what is causing your new symptoms after so many procedures that could affect your well being. Rest, do soothing and gentle stuff like massage, and let your body get back into balance. IMO, it is NOT a good time to be experimenting with supplements/medications. Give yourself some time to get over the symptoms caused by the detox, which sounds drastic.


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Started taper in 2007:

CT klonopin, oxazapam, inderal (beta blocker) - 2007

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July 2010 - March 2018 on hiatus due to worsening w/d symptoms, which abated and finally disappeared. Then I stalled for about 5 years because I didn't want to deal with W/D.

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I agree with Baxter.


You could be suffering adverse effects from the detox, or you could be suffering hypersensitivities from Lexapro withdrawal syndrome.


There are no easy answers to this. I suggest you stop looking for miracle therapies and concentrate on staying calm and letting your brain and body heal.


The only treatment I would recommend is acupuncture, and you must make sure the acupuncturist understands you need calming, not energizing, treatments.


Don't take herbs, you may be hypersensitive to something in them that wouldn't affect other people who are not experiencing withdrawal syndrome.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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