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Drug Rep Gwen Olsen

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Gwen is a friend.  Her family suffered a horrible tragedy due to these drugs.  That is often the turning point or *awakening* that forces one / us to see snippets of what's been going on and that we've been taking part in unknowingly.  I have horrible flashbacks to my time working in psychiatry as a pharma rep.  It is often ex reps who are the most vocal.  


After the abrupt crash of reality, the corruption and collusion slowly become evident in medicine, government, everywhere.  There is nobody truly protecting people.


Profit rules. Disease is extremely profitable, especially cancer and *mental health*.  Detection and screenings do not equate to prevention.  Vaccines, chemotherapy, mammograms....all carry significant risk.  




I encourage others to try to see the whole picture.  I'm sure I don't see the whole thing, but I recognize the patterns.  Involved in another government cover up now. The town I moved to in Florida is adjacent to Patrick AFB which has been allowing very carcinogenic chemicals to enter the water supply.  The government covered it up for decades and the cancer rates have been astronomical.  





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