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Psychiatric drugs and mitochondrial damage http://wp.me/p5nnb-cr0


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Mitochondrial support: I can finally tolerate the supplements (they caused absolutely HEINOUS reactions for a long time…building the body slowly has been necessary)…and WOW…again…I’m having so much fun learning about my body and hence my psyche and the world right now.

The fact is that the iatrogenic damage caused by the psychiatric drugs is among other things mitochondrial damage. Damage to every single living cell in our body. That is why it’s such a broad spectrum sort of illness.


I’ve not written a whole lot about mitochondrial issues even though I’ve been well aware that they are a hugely significant issue for those of us harmed by psychiatric drugs. I share a few posts where mitochondria damage is mentioned below. The fact is the dietary adventure and evolution I’ve been on has been supporting mitochondrial healing for a long time. Lately, however, as my hypersensitivity becomes something I can work with consciously I find that my body is directing me to the supplements I need. Supplements I was radically reactive to not that long ago. Even three months ago I didn’t tolerate a couple of things I now sometimes use in quite high doses. Though how I take them varies day-to-day. I am careful and mindful and don’t take most things daily as my body uses them then says enough for a while until it’s time again to take more. Learning to listen to my body isn’t just a cliché thing to talk about…it’s really been a very important practice and reality. Things that support mitochondrial healing and regeneration are fish oils, phospholipids, CoQ10, and a large variety of minerals among other things. We all vary and so I don’t get too explicit about protocols very often. The B vitamins are also very important. I still don’t tolerate B vitamin supplements so I’m eating organ meats. That is my only option for now. And yes, I’d prefer being a vegetarian but it’s not on offer at this point. Healing is my biological and it seems spiritual imperative too. I also have found some specific herbs to be very helpful. I get them as dried plant matter and prepare them myself for the most part. So, yes, I get most of all of these from whole food sources, but now that I can get highly concentrated supplements — it’s a much more marked healing process. I am in awe of my body which teaches me new things everyday.


So, a bit more for you to check out and then you can do more googling as necessary. 



Everything Matters: Beyond Meds 


withdrawn from a cocktail of 6 psychiatric drugs that included every class of psych drug.

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Hiya GiaK. Your post (last year) about the role of mitochondria and medication withdrawal deserves careful consideration. Are you the author if those articles you cite?


I strongly suspect one day we will find that mitochondria are an important factor which may permit us to get some small relief from withdrawal symptoms. I know this is true for me but we each have our own different metabolism and the result may not transfer to everyone.


I'll write more about my personal experiences in a new thread when I get a moment.


I hope you get to read this belated reply!

Difficult two year benzo taper. Subsequently took amitriptyline and Lyrica for pain and had to taper off them too. Both tapers were brutal possibly because of an underlying mitochondrial disorder which caused nerves to have insufficient energy to function.

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