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What good is all this suffering?

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To nobodyspecial

I do agree you can learn from suffering. Empathy kindness understanding patience endurance on and on. This does not make suffering esential for life, it only makes life worth fighting for. We can be so much happier with out it, depending on who we are we can learn and thrive without it.


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I like the idea that some good will come out of all of this misery. So far, the main positive thing that I'm noticing is that I'm more sensitive to other people's experiences. It has also been humbling too, and has changed my priorities for the better; although I'm not done the withdrawal. As of now though, the relative importance of career has gone down in my mind, whereas the importance of human connections has gone up. 

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There is a lot to be said concerning "suffering and how we think or more precisely how we draw conclusions about what we think about" suffering is a product of uncontrolled uncertainty when it comes to how we think, there are other ways of reaching a conclusion without having to suffer in the process. It is not the objective of healthy thinking to encourage mental suffering. Your mind is and will always be on your side it was designed to be a winner not a looser in life's quest for a healthy worthwhile life. It will never let you down, but you can let yourself down with unhealthy uncontrolled  thoughts. You are the sum product of past and present thinking processes. Check out the process of  "cognitive thinking" on the web. Use good judgment "as you do this" for then your mind will show appreciation to you in your quest for metal, emotional balance and well-being.


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