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Report your side effects from a drug

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Hello people,


Not sure it this is the correct forum to post this, but I want to encourage everyone who read this post to report their symptoms and their experience with a specific drug in this website http://www.askapatient.com/ .


The reason for this is that "askapatient" is a widely used website by people who is considering taking prescription drugs to know the experience of others, and if many of us report our bad experiences with them in such a website, they will at least be informed about the possible dangers of the drugs.


So the main idea of this post is to help others get to know the risks that doctors don't tell them.


Feel free to post your review and help others to make an informed decision about their usage of a drug.

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Also - please report adverse reactions on www.Rxisk.org


They are compiling a database of drug reactions.

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At the risk of being annoying, but I think it's also important to report the adverse reactions to the FDA / country's drug regulator. Instructions are here: 



There's very few cases of withdrawal in the statistics. For example Sertraline: 342 withdrawal reactions according to FDA statistics: 



With this data, any regulator can always claim "we didn't know". "Withdrawal is very rare". 


Compare for example the drug Reglan which has a blackbox warning for Tardive Dyskinesia. There's over 17 000 incidences reported. Criminal that this drug is still on the market of course: 


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