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Question about the durability/elasticity of the CNS.


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Hi all, I was just wondering about, just how durable or elastic the human CNS is, having upset mine recently by CT'ing and reinstating seroquel.

Does the chance of a full recovery diminish permanently with every shock to the system? Or can our CNS adapt and heal many times over?.I would have rated my cns about 70% healed prior to the CT, and now I'm back to around 50% with some new symptoms.

I'm just concerned that with every bad medication decision, my chance of recovery is permanently diminished.

Also is the kindling effect permanent, compounding with every shock?, or do we also eventually recover and return to a base line state?


2004 hospitalized for acute alcohol induced psychosis and started on my psych drug merry-go-round.2004-2006 SSRI > SNRI Merry-go-round finally settled on Effexor. Also was started on Risperdal in 2004 but switched to seroquell after I had a bad reaction to it.2008. Was switched from Effexor to pristiq, Also managed to successfully Quit Seroquel Cold Turkey.Asenapine- 5mg- August 2014 ~ May 2015. Was put on for Social Anxiety, was great at first then started developing disabling side effects, did a rapid taper and so started my withdrawal nightmare...


Pristiq-100mg ~ Currently holding

Olanzapine- 3.75mg May 2015 ~ Currently tapering by -.06mg per week (Jan 2016, 3.5mg  ~Feb 2016 intractable insomnia updose to 3.75mg)

Quetiapine- 50mg June 2015  ~Dec 25 2015 Quit cold turkey. ~(Feb 6 2016 hit with intractable insomnia - reinstated 50mg.)

August 2016 : Became destabilised after messing around with cutting doses, trying THC oil etc eventually stabilised,

Held doses for 5 years.

January 2022: Hit poop out, struggling to get more than 3 hours sleep, been one week straight of pure hell, praying to hold on. 

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or do we also eventually recover and return to a base line state?

a kind of reset such as a computer restore ? it would be nice. After 7 years i have not reached this point

and how not a partial restore, same as in computer, more reachable ?

for anxiety 

12 years paxil - cold turkey 1,5 month - switch celexa 1 year taper; total 13 years on brain meds 

67 years old - 9 years  med free


in protracted withdrawal

rigidity standing and walking, dryness gougerot-szoegren, sleep deteriorate,

function as have a lack of nerves, improving have been very little 


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