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Wondozenroses mets to brain or withdrawal


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I was diagnosed with Tnbc breast cancer last april.....ended chemo last october, decided since I dont feel well anyway I wanted to come off antidepressant. ...oncologist helped me ween off by giving me 1 month of weening scrpit, I was already down to 25mg. Well its been a couple of months and I am having horrible fatigue, tired tired tired, my head feels like bricks on my shoulders and a we bit nauseous, hate processed foods can taste every chemical in them....but just so tired. So does anyone else feel like this or should I get a scan for mets to the brain?

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Welcome, Wondozenroses.


I am sorry you're dealing with this after your illness. It sounds likely that you have withdrawal syndrome.


Are you taking 25mg now or are you off the drug completely? When did you go off? What drug is it? Do you have any left?


I've moved your topic to the Introductions forum, to act as your Intro topic. Please put your questions and updates in this topic?

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