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mapping serotonin in the brain


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don't ask how , but I stumbled on a article to day on a site , if you google , medindia.net you will come to a page that gives certain info on medical issues , at the top of the page is a search box , if you put in 3-D imaging technique serotonin, it will bring up a page , scroll down the page untill you see the above headline and click on it , the topic was posted today and it tells you how they have now manage to follow the flow of serotonin around the brain to see where it goes and it shows what parts of the brain are being used , they used Prozac in one of the test , they have managed to map the brain in 3-D , this could help to show what parts of the brain that these drugs are reaching and having effect , or what part of the brain they are damaging who knows

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This was super scary to me.  First they go under the premise that the brain "needs" to have an SSRI to help it along and then in the end of the article they come to the conclusion that....drum role....serotonin and dopamine interact with each other!!  Ya think!!  So NOW what we need is a drug that targets directly both serotonin sites as well as dopamine sites for the ultimate happy feeling.  Terrifying.  Our poor,poor brains. 

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