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Has anyone decided that it was best for them to stay on meds indefinitely?


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I just saw (on this thread) that people on ADs may have shorter lives than those who do not. I'm not going to worry about it, even though I have been on ADs for many years. There is nothing I can do about it even if it is the case😉 


After a difficult 7 months (anxiety, panic, and a host of physical symptoms) to drop my dose in half - and knowing I have another x months to go (!) - I had a terrible 2 weeks in June. Different (and some worse) symptoms. I questioned whether tapering is worth it given all the difficulties (and misery). I am going to stay the course. Maybe I need to modify my approach to my taper or further reduce the speed.  I am currently moving slower than the 10% of the previous month.


Hang in there




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On 4/8/2019 at 4:44 AM, Shep said:

In many ways, drugging people into silence is just a way of silencing the social problems they represent. Some people with more resources and contacts are able to survive it, but others won't. Picking yourself up by your bootstraps only works if you've got boots.

YES! Love the bootstraps saying. It is so easy to throw drugs at people and blame them with a bogus bio-medical reason for not being "happy" in an utterly broken, dysfunctional system. It takes resources -- and those can take different forms -- to survive this.

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"If you've seen a monster, even if it's horrible, that's evidence of divinity." – Damien Echols


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Well said, FarmGirlWork. Part of this is about taking control back. This is difficult - but anything useful it is said takes not just motivation - but discipline - and problem solving to make it around the misery. To be fair - this is easier said than done. 😉



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If i could get back on ADs I would stay on them forever and do my best to enjoy life for as long as I could. I have only existed since coming off them 6 years ago. Knowing that they have caused the harm does not help me unless I’m healing and I’m not healing so its irrelevant .if I could get back on them and feel how I felt when I was on them I wouldn’t be the happiest girl in town.

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ct prozac In 2013

40 mg of propranolol 

3.75 of zoplicone maybe once a fortnight if that do not take regular.

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Hello Kooples. It is about quality of life. What could you do to make your quality of life better?


I have been on and off them for 25 years - although on them most consistently for 15-18 years. All of them came with side effects, including insomnia, and no MD realized that most were side effects. 


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Hi again Kooples.


If you read through this post - I skimmed bits of it - there is a lot of wisdom amongst other people who are evaluating to stay on, stay at a reduced dose, or continue tapering. Even though I know these meds are not good for people - I have taken ADs for years and also other CNS meds for a neuological illness - those since 1970. The clonazepam I may never get off of - I don't want to put myself in a tail spin and l don't trust MDs.  It is possible I will need to be on an AD. Whatever it is - we simply make peace with our decision and don't look back. As someone said to me - 'love your choice.' Easier said than done sometimes. We're not exactly choosing between cheese cake and chocolate mousse.


The ADs I was on never had a beneficial effect, stopped having a beneficial effect (these are quite subjective!) and/or had unacceptable side effects. 


I also have depression, anxiety and social phobia - I am trying to learn the skills to live with them. Still - one asks if as a result of my 50 years on CNS meds - my brain hasn't been altered permanently. This puts me at a higher 'risk' / 'need' for using these meds for mood management (as the neurologist describes it - and it is aptly put). This is about mood management. A quality of life. Don't feel there is a stigma if you choose to take an AD to have a better quality of life.


That being said - I am extremely angry about what the medical and pharmaceutical industries (pathetic that they are referred to as industries) have foisted over on us. And the mainstream media fails in their fiduciary responsibililty to educate us.


I'm going to keep at it. Since I have cut my dosage in half (20 to 10 mg) my side effects from the drug have lessened so that is a good thing.


Chin up.





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