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EccentricOrbit: Hi I'm new (and still shiny)

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Hi All,


I need some help.

I am seeing my dr and I've seen a counsellor, but I'm still searching. 

I think I'm on too high a dose of citalopram. 


I had some dreadful experiences last spring - emotional issues, family and financial circumstances and went from 20 to 40mg. Granted I was not grounded at the time and I felt I couldn't contain my erratic emotional outbursts, I thought it best to suppress them. After I started doubling the pills my dr asked if I felt better, I said yes and he said 'fine".  (I had to get away from the horrible emotions so I also smoked a lot of pot. I've since cut down on the pot and I'm not smoking pot anymore. I'm drinking occasionally social, not exceeding 2 glasses of wine. )


I am so tired all the time. I go to sleep at 11 pm in the hopes of getting up early to go for a walk, and I can't get out of bed until I absolutely have to. If I can sleep in I'll sleep 11 hours! I've never been like this. I'm not the earliest riser, but I'm I like to get up and out. 

When I do wake up I feel groggy and have a headache. 


I also have these strange flutterings in my upper stomach that I've never had before. They started sometime in the summer. It feels like fear or anticipation or extreme nerves. Sometimes it moves up near my heart. I wake up with this feeling. I don't usually have it during the daytime. 


Has anyone else had these flutters? 


Thank you, 


On my way to read about tapering ....









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Hi Eccentric. Welcome. I'm sorry to hear you have been struggling ~ I'm glad you found us.


So that we can help, would you mind filling in your drug signature? This appears below each of your posts and enables us to see your history at a glance.

Please put your withdrawal history in your signature


It sounds like the Citalopram is too much for you but will still need to be tapered at a slow and steady rate. We advise the 10 % taper method: if that is what you are wanting to do.

Why taper by 10% of my dosage?


How long have you been on the 40 mg - higher dose and did you increase suddenly?

The flutters sound like a drug side effect and perhaps a too high increase all at once.


Once we have a little more information, we can offer some suggestions.


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Citalopram/celexa and Escitalopram/lexapro actually have palpitations listed on their own drug side effects and in their own clinical trial data. Palpitations feel like a chest flutter. I've had them since my zoloft withdrawal. They are super uncomfortable. My doc wrote me a prescription for the escitalopram/lexapro and I didn't take any of it because of that and the serious risk of developing QT prolongation. They offered an EKG a few weeks in if I agreed to start it, but the fact they felt I would need an EKG after taking this drug was enough for me to throw it in the trash. Abnormal QT from these drugs is not at all uncommon and the risk increases the higher your dose. Trust your gut. If you feel it is too high or you are reacting to the drug badly then it is too high and/or you are reacting to the drug badly. A lot of Drs love to hand these drugs out like candy and to increase and give high doses without thinking about the serious long term effects on the patient. It's easy for them to keep medicating you to shut you up and get you out of the door. I can't tell you how many doctors wanted me to take higher and higher doses of zoloft, but I always refused because I knew deep down that was the wrong thing to do. Trust yourself. No one knows your body and mind like you do. 

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