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exposepharma: Introduction


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Limited amount of time here, but hopefully I can be helpful. I finally quit all SSRI's and SNRI's after 25 years of Prozac, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Pristiq, Adderal, Cymbalta, and many more I can't remember.  I finally quit in August 2017 after a prolonged wean. The first 2 months were pure hell, but I remained determined. I have found a combination of supplements that are now helping quite a bit. ( with guidance from a nutritionist) I am at a point where I can "do this". The lows definitely suck, but I am enjoying the highs that have been absent for 25 years. Anyway, I'm not making any recommendations here, I am simply letting people know what is currently helping me. Here is the list of what I am taking that appears to help.

L-Tryptophan 1000mg at night 

Magnesium 400mg at night

Melatonin 10mg at night

St Johns Wort 350mg three times daily

5-HTP 100mg three times daily

SAM-e 400mg twice daily

Omega 3 FISH OIL 2000mg daily

methyl-cobalamin 2000mcg daily

Vitamin D 5000U daily


By the way, I have tried a minimum of three times getting off of these meds. This time, it is night/day difference. I am cautiously optimistic for the first time. 

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Welcome, exposepharma.


Please be cautious with that mix of supplements.  L-Tryptophan, 5-HTP, and SAM-e are all serotonergics -- fundamentally, they are all the same thing.


St. John's Wort is an MAO inhibitor. It can interact with serotonergics (particularly antidepressants) in a dangerous way, creating an activating state that at its extreme produces serotonin syndrome.


How long have you been taking all 4 supplements? If you take them regularly for more than a few weeks, you will have to taper off each of them -- they can cause withdrawal symptoms, too.


Please be aware that you only need 1000mcg methylcobalamin daily, it is stored in your liver with the excess excreted in urine. Some people find the B vitamins make them anxious or nervous (activation).


Please see our topics on magnesium and fish oil




as well as on your other supplements in the Symptoms and Self-Care forum.


This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Thanks for the reply and the additional information. I do realize that this combo seems to scare some. I get that. I did slowly titrate the doses up to effect. I must say, that it is working for me. I still get the occasional brain zap, but it is tolerable. I am desperate to get as far away from SSRI / SNRI meds for as long as I can. I realize that it may take a few years to clear the hurdle. . With this combo of supplements, I feel I can do it. I'm doing much better than with any previous attempt to stop meds. I failed miserably each of the previous times. Usually after 4-6 weeks.I have had my internist check labs a couple of time, and things look good. In fact, my cholesterol/lipids  have improved! Probably due in part that I am also avoiding alcohol. I seemed to crave it much more on SSRI/SNRI's. 

Is there anything else I should be worried about with long term use of these supps?


Thanks again for you thorough response. It was very helpful.


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This is a sensitive issue as all SSRI, SNRI, etc, drugs, do NOT increase serotonin; they keep them recycled in the receptors.  In many cases, the drugs can actually deplete the stores of the raw materials needed for neurotransmitter health.


Even worse, when starting someone on SSRI/SNRI, the person might have low serotonin and the meds just keep the sames low in the synapses!


So I would argue that possibly, if done SAFE, taking precursors to build the neurotransmitters can only help.  The problem is, extremes, when people take too much or too little!!!


I wonder what people on this group think regarding this issue.

Latest med schedule and withdrawal (05/17/17):

Seroquel On 125mg 10/28/16 (now, 125 mg), (9/2017, 200mg)

Cymbalta On 27mg 10/28/16 (now, 27 mg), (9/2017, 90mg)

Viibryd On 10mg 10/28/16 (now, 10 mg), (9/2017, 20mg)

Klonopin On 2.5 Start 10/28/16 (now 1.5 night, 1 Morning), (9/2017 1.5 night, 1 morning, .5 midday, total 3mg)

Diovan 160mg On 10/28/16 (now 160mg)

Norvasc On 10mg 10/28/16 (now 0), (1/2017 10mg)

Cytomel (T3 for thyroid) on 11/2017 25mcg


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I've used St John's Wort. I regard it as just another antidepressant like fluoxetine or imipramine. It being a herb doesn't really make it different, except it's under your own control and not a doctor's, which is important.

Current daily meds. Citalopram 2.5mg morning. Diazapam 1.5mg evening, Propanalol 40mg split 4x10mg throughout day.


Recent meds. Fluoxetine 20mg began 24th Nov 2017, CT on 4th December on medical advice due to bad Akathisia. Citalopram 10mg began on 13th Dec 2017, tapered to 2.5mg by 20th Dec 2017 on medical advice. Diazapam 2mg began on 6th Dec 2017 cut to 1.5 mg on 26th Dec. Propanalol 40mg began on 13th Dec. Zopiclone 3.75 mg began 13th December, used maybe 5 times then quit.


Previous history. Tricyclics, Fluoxetine or Citalopram for periods of 6mo to 2yrs over last 25 years. Probably 5 yrs in total. No significant ill effects.

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