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Vitamin B5 supps? Any experience?


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Hi everybody. I've done some reading lately about the possible benefits of vitamin b5 might have with nerve function, cns and hormone production. Does anyone have any experience with this vitamin? I think a b complex might have made me feel worse but this isn't a complex. Any good advice will be appreciated. Also, has anyone had any good experiences with other b vitamins on their own (not in a complex) or any other vitamins for that matter? If so can you explain how they helped? Thanks, Gus.


On effexor for at least 11 years. Last few years going through ivf treatment dose has ranged from 150-200mg. Mainly 150 though. Tapered from about 175mg mid jan 2017 to zero mid april 2017. 2&1/2 months of straight hell. Getting there now though.

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