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markeymarc: Off Pristiq


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I've been on Effexor/Pristiq for over 5 years and just last week found out that this drug is making my bi-polar swings worse. So the doc cut the dosage down to 50mg for 5 days and now off completely. The worse of the side effects is the mind zapping and brain sloshing, it is terrible :angry::( . I am on Seroquel for the interim. My mood is very stable, so that is a HUGE plus :D .


Nap time. :excl:

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Hello, markeymarc, and welcome. I moved your post here because it introduces your situation.


That can be a rough taper schedule for Pristiq. When did you start Seroquel?

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That is a really fast taper, especially for Pristiq which has a half-life of 11 hours (meaning that in 22 hours it's all out of your system). I was on it for six months and was manic most of the time. My doctor switched me from time-released Pristiq (50 mg.) to Lexapro (10 mg.), and that worked very well. However, getting off of Lexapro is hellish. I've been off for nearly two months and am still having trouble with insomnia and sensitivity to certain foods, brights lights, noises, et cetera.


Hang in there, and check the "Symptoms" section of this forum for tips on how to cope with the fallout from getting off ADs when you feel up ro it.

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For anyone reading this topic, I have been tapering Pristiq using compounded capsules with slow release formula.




MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  (6 year taper)      0mg Pristiq  on 13th November 2021

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