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Failing kidneys. Memory trouble. Big weight gain. The REAL legacy of a lifetime on depression pills...

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16 hours ago, Distraut said:



  • U.S. psychologist Lauren Slater has been taking depression medication for years
  • In her new book she reveals how its also had a devastating effect on her health
  • And yet the drug industry and psychiatry itself refuse to acknowledge the risks

Sounds like she didn’t think her brain was going to remodel itself without them.

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Wow, the news about how harmful these psych drugs are for the entire body is finally getting out into the mainstream. Great find, Distraut, thank you for posting!

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A deal with the devil.the lady doesn't shy away from the fact they helped her  to achieve in her life ,not to discount her story for one second but as I sit here today in an excruciating wave of despair ,I would of loved the drugs help me to achieve and prosper . she is correct  with the  fact she couldn't get off the drugs and became seriously sick and suicidal .ide love a week of help from these drugs ,let alone 17 years .

I wonder who gets hold of that data in the science lab also .

Very interesting read .

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I am reading this book now.  I have had similar experiences to hers.  The drugs did help for a while.  Then they didn't.  I was deeply depressed when I started the SSRIs.  My marriage and career were in danger and they helped for a while.  Then I became just as depressed on the drugs + side effects.  

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