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I have been in bad shape and luckily for me my gf stepped in to support me. I share a place with some siblings and since coming off antidepressants I have sort of let things go in my life because of depression. I stopped caring about cleanliness, organization, and stuff like that and just let things sort of pile up. That was no bueno. My partner stepped in lately and came over to my place and told me its time for change. We (mostly her) removed everything in my room, cleaned everything, tossed away old stuff, and gave the room a new, fresh look including adding happy photos on the wall. Doing this not only helped me feel better, but the act of cleaning helped get my mind off of my troubles. I also got a hair cut and shaved, so I feel nice and clean and organized. So if you are down in the dumps, you may need a makeover. Here are some articles on this subject: http://www.everydayhealth.com/depression/clean-house-when-youre-depressed.aspx, http://manofthehouse.com/home/cleaning/cleaning-house-improve-mood

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Went Cold Turkey from Celexa 2011, Stayed Off

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Good for you, Zepp. Sounds like you have a good gf, too.

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