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Hyperbaric oxygen treatment


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I developed tinnitus after starting Alprazolam in August 2019; I am not making this cause-and-effect, though I have read some accounts of a correlation. However, on June 14 I developed sudden onset left ear deafness—sensorineural deafness. Oral prednisolone was ineffective, so was intraaural dexamethasone, both steroids.


Only next step, which works in roughly 50%, is hyperbaric treatment at 2.4 atmospheres with 100% oxygen. I had five sessions with no improvement. Perhaps coincidentally, I started a big crash-and-burn after three sessions.


Only the Navy hospital was affordable, $78 for Thais, $113 for foreigners. (Yeah, I know.) Chamber held 10-12 patients. They did three sessions a day for 1 hour 50 minutes. Rotating nurses in the chamber but no oxygen.


This is a huge chamber, built like a submarine. Such pressure is simply not possible at home. Yep, I remember oxygen bars!


For me, it was a $566 gamble. Wish it had worked! Now worrying about my right ear. Life could get awfully quiet. Some folks were getting 50 treatments!


BTW, I had weaned Mirtazapine in February, Trazodone & Alprazolam to go.



Doc is not God spelled backwards!


Mirtazapine 30mg 2003-February 2022

Vortioxetine 10mg December 2021

Quetiapine 12.5mg - 25mg - 50mg - 75mg January-March 2022

Trazodone 50mg 2003-present

Alprazolam 1 mg August 2019-present

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