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Half awake, half asleep


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Have you had times when half your brain falls asleep and half is awake?

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  • ChessieCat changed the title to Half awake, half asleep

Dealing with that right now. I wish I could explain it better. Basically, the part of my brain that I function on (Thoughts of anything good or just feeling anything other than numb, empty, and exausted) is off.


It was on this morning. I accomplished a few things I had been putting off. I was OK.


But the functioning part of the brain never turned back on (or woke up) after I took a nap this afternoon.


I woke up with a panic attack (as I have been doing) and everything except wanting to cry hysterically, sweating and flushing, and just a silent, gloom in my mind is off and asleep for now. 

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