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I Want to Take Action -- Join Me!

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Hi, I was thinking about there were till now so many proposals on some action like protest or petition against pharma or neglectful pracises of doctors and never happened anything.


I would really like to do something.  And I would like if really all the people who also want to do something write here and we will think over some activity. But I mean it really seriously. Because everyone who contributes to some action is good. But as previously nothing happened, I would be happy if just people write who are really seriously interested to make some action or protest. Please not people who think maybe..., and I would like but ... or possibly  but ... just someone who is able to do something and wants to take seriously part. I think this protest before pharma headquarters was quite a good idea but there are tousand actions that can be made. It just wants committed people and to agree upon some action and do it together.

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