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Why Low Doses of Medications?


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I feel silly almost.  Because even doctors seem to dismiss being on a low dose of something and still having trouble.  "oh that's such a small dose, you can just stop",  "oh you couldn't be having withdraw from such a low dose".  "oh that wouldn't cause side effect as such a low dose".   


this just makes me feel like its just me.    That maybe I am making it up, or imaging it.  But i know its not.  I do know that i am very very sensitive to medications.   Even when you say that to people they think you are lying or its once again just your anxiety. 


At the same time, I am so upset that such a small dose of something, taken for such a short time, can cause such problems. 


and here I am now at 25 mg of Luvox, that I will be tapering for probably longer than any of the other ones I have been started and stopping.  But i guess i need to do it right this time. 


So has anyone else had problems even on low doses and short periods of time? 





 9/2018- lexapro low dose few days.11/3/2018- zoloft 2 days

11/7/18  - 11/15/18 - Prozac 9 days, from 10 mg for week, to 20

11/16  inpatient put on Lexapro for a few days, Cymbalta, 2 days

11/24-12/8 - gabapentin 100 mg 3xs per day - a very fast taper

1/7 - tbuspar for  three days- blurry vision, jerky eye

1/17/19 - 2/15/19- mirtazapine 15 mg - started taper on 1/30 

2/20/19 gabapentin 600 mg. .  12/20-  taper finished

2/20/19 - seroquel 25 mg current - taken  10 pm

2/20/19- luvox (generic) 25 mg.  4/6/19  to 18.75 mg .held  . Started taper again  1/7/21- 15 mg, 2/7/21- 12.5 mg, 3/7/21 -10 mg, 4/1/21- 9 mg, 5/1/21- 8.1 mg, 5/27/21- updose to 10 mg,  6/21-  in patient updose to 50 mg,  6/25/21- reduce to 10 mg (current) .  9/5- split dose 5mg am/5 mg pm.  9/20- 4 mg am/5 mg pm . 

9/1/21-  took one dose of vistril 50 mg.   

9/1/21-accidental double dose of seroquel- 50 mg 

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Yes, most of our members have heard similar statements from doctors. What this shows is how little they know about the drugs. (They know even less about tapering and withdrawal symptoms.) See


Why taper? SERT transporter occupancy studies show importance of gradual change in plasma concentration


The curve shows even low doses of a drug can have a substantial effect on your nervous system.


If doctors knew what they were doing, this site would not exist. I look forward to that day.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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Yes, i am the same, super sensitive to any anti depressant tried.  Just had26 days of trazodone and feeling worse.  Dont know how to get off. Dr just seemed to think stop taking but the insomnia is bad and the anxiety worse.  Anyone here know if short term trial of medication is able to be stopped

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