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Lizum: Nausea after stopping mirtazapine


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I’ve been on mirtazapine for 6 years and venlafaxine for 5 years. I started tapering off mirtazapine last year and stopped completely 5 weeks ago. I’m still experiencing nausea. My GP said it would be a couple of weeks before it went but it’s been longer. Is this normal?

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Mirtazapine: started Feb 2013. Startered tapering off 30mg in Aug 2018, last 3.5mg taken Feb 2019.

Venlafaxine: started Dec 2013. Still taking.

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Hi, Lizum.


Welcome to Surviving Antidepressants.


Are you still on venlafaxine?  Please note that if you did a fast taper from mirtazapine, you may benefit from reinstating it, since you've only been off for 5 weeks. Please give us more information about how you tapered so we can help you decide if a reinstatement is the right path. 


Here is some information to get your started. Please note the combination of mirtazapine and venlafaxine is sometimes called "California Rocket Fuel".


About going off mirtazapine plus venlafaxine (Effexor) aka "California rocket fuel"


Tips for tapering off Remeron (mirtazapine)


Tips for tapering off Effexor (venlafaxine)


About reinstating and stabilizing to reduce withdrawal symptoms 


Some helpful links on withdrawal:


How psychiatric drugs remodel your brain


Healing from antidepressants. Patterns of recovery video (4 minutes)


The Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization


You may find some helpful information to handle your symptoms here: 


Non-drug techniques to cope with emotional symptoms


We don't recommend a lot of supplements, as many members report their nervous systems are simply too fragile to handle them. However, magnesium and fish oil tend to be calming to the nervous system and many people report they do help. Please only add in one supplement at a time and at a small dose. For more, please see:


 King of supplements: Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil)


Magnesium, nature's calcium channel blocker


17 hours ago, Lizum said:

I’m still experiencing nausea.


Yes, nausea is a very common symptom. Some people find ginger and peppermint teas helpful. Others like to use seabands (acupressure wrist bands). Here is some information with more ideas: 


What to do for dizziness, queasiness, nausea


Please add a signature.  Include drugs, doses, dates, and discontinuations & reinstatements in the last 12-24 months. Also include supplements. This will help us give you the most accurate advice we can. 

  • Any drugs and supplements prior to 24 months ago can just be listed with start and stop years. 
  • Please use actual dates or approximate dates (mid-June, Late October) rather than relative time frames (last week, 3 months ago) 
  • Spell out months, e.g. "October" or "Oct."; 9/1/2016 can be interpreted as Jan. 9, 2016 or Sept. 1, 2016. 
  • Please leave out symptoms and diagnoses. 
  • A list is easier to understand than one or multiple paragraphs. 
  • This is a direct link to your signature:  Account Settings – Create or Edit a signature.

As you provide more information, we can better guide you and provide advice. Please continue to use this thread to document your taper and to ask questions. 

Drug free May 22, 2015 after 30 years of neuroleptics, benzos, z-drugs, so-called "anti"-depressants, and amphetamines 


My Success Story:  Shep's Success: "Leaving Plato's Cave"


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I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice, but simply information based on my own experience, as well as other members who have survived these drugs.


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I was put on mirtazapine at the beginning of 2013 and venlafaxine at the end of that year. In Feb 2016, I suffered a concussion and have had persistent symptoms ever since, including fatigue. I was advised last year to stop the mirtazapine.


I started tapering off 30mg mirtazapine in August last year. I can’t exactly remember how I got from 30mg to 15mg but I think it was every few tablets was one of the lower dose, then increasing the frequency of the lower dose. Each step I reduced the dose by 1/2. The major effect was severe insomnia so it took a bit of time and fiddling around to minimise the nights of insomnia whilst also reducing dosage. Insomnia is less of a problem now that I’ve been off for a few weeks but the main problems now are itching (controlled by loratadine) and nausea and vomiting (not so well controlled by prochloradine). 

Mirtazapine: started Feb 2013. Startered tapering off 30mg in Aug 2018, last 3.5mg taken Feb 2019.

Venlafaxine: started Dec 2013. Still taking.

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Welcome, Lizum.


Are you taking any other drugs now? What is your sleep pattern?


When did the nausea start? Does it occur at any particular time of day?


Have your symptoms changed over the last 5 weeks?

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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