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Sjones21005: my story


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Here is my story. Can anyone relate. I had been on Lexapro and 1mg of Clonozapem for about 8 years for general anxiety. I went to a new GP in October 2016 and he switched me from Lexapro to Zoloft. After a few weeks I was feeling”off” so I went back to him and he put me on Trintellix. From  that point forward my life has never been the same. Basically have had to deal with debilitating depression or severe anxiety ever since. Since that time I’ve been switched around on about 7 ADs and 3 benzos. When I kept switching ADs and benzos did it keep messing up my brain chemistry? I finished my taper off benzos in January 2019 and I am wondering what to do about the AD. Should I try to stabilize first and then taper or will I ever stabilize as long as I am still on the AD? I did attempt a somewhat fast taper off of Zoloft and Remeron about 2 weeks ago and withdrawal symptoms hit me so hard that I went back up to my normal dose. Did I kindle myself and if I did will I recover. The fear that I started experiencing with benzo withdrawals seems to have intensified after I updosed my ADs. I would appreciate any feedback.

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Hi Sj, 


Welcome to SA. I’m sorry you’ve been put on and off so many medications. 


So, you finished your benzo taper in January. It looks like you haven’t stabilised from that as yet by what you said. What symptoms do you have now? It’s not a good idea to taper the AD if you haven’t stabilised from the benzo taper as yet as you’ll just make your symptoms worse, and then it will take you even longer to stabilise. 


You’ve made a lot a changes. Doing a fast taper of both Zoloft and Remeron a couple of weeks ago and then going back on the meds has your poor brain trying to struggle for some kind of equilibrium again. I’ve been put on and off a lot of things too and I ended up eventually stabilising, it doesn’t happen overnight though, it can take quite a while. 


When I’ve dropped a bit too quickly in the past it took me over three months to stabilise, when I changed formulations it also took over three months. It’s taken some people much longer to stabilise when they’ve made big changes. The tapering process takes a lot of patience and waiting, and going very slowly. 


We should never taper any more than 10% a month, I’m doing much less than that now. 


Could you please fill in a drug signature. Just go to the Read This First Section and to the thread: “ Please Put Your Withdrawal History In Your Signature.” Thank you. 


What dosages of Remeron and Zoloft were you on when you started tapering recently? What dosage did you jump off at? What dosage did you go back up to?


What are your symptoms at the moment?


Are you on any other medications or supplements?


Please keep us updated as to how you’re doing, sending hugs🤗

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Hi SJ and welcome to SA,


On 6/28/2019 at 3:49 PM, Carmie said:

What dosages of Remeron and Zoloft were you on when you started tapering recently? What dosage did you jump off at? What dosage did you go back up to?


What are your symptoms at the moment?


Are you on any other medications or supplements?


Please answer the questions which Carmie asked.


Also please create your drug signature using the following format.   Keep it simple.  NO diagnoses or symptoms please - thank you.

  • details for last 2 years - dates, ALL drugs, doses
  • summary for older than 2 years - just years and drug/s

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This is your own introductions topic where your can ask questions about your own situation and journal your progress.

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PLEASE NOTE:  I am not a medical professional.  I provide information and make suggestions. 

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