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TMI - About Poo. Anyone? Anyone?


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Hi all:


I am in fullblown withdrawal right now, and have been reading these threads, which are enormously helpful. I've been stricken with nocturia (night peeing). I always get up once, or even twice, but lately it's been six or seven times a night with no more liquid being consumed. However, I still feel bloated -- belly distention, rings still tight on fingers.


But now, I'm waking up to move my bowels several times a night. Not diarrhea, just the sort of BMs I would be proud of during the day. Is this something anyone out there has experienced? I'm pooing five or six times a day now, if you count the night poo. Big full healthy movements, but half of them are at night!


I hope this is some good, cleansing thing, and not something that should worry me. :blink:


Blue Heron

11 Years on Lexapro/Celexa, Tapered Using Wellbutrin, Medication-Free April 2012.

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If you read my intro topic, I was there too. I would say its part of the anxiety & panic response in early withdrawal times. Your fight or flight mechanics in your nervous system make you empty your bowels to prepare for battle or fleeing predators. Perhaps so you can run faster or leave a diversion.


Mine calmed down to "regular" though I went through a loose bowels & barfing fit in early withdrawal too.

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I haven't experienced anything like that. You are àt risk of dehydration and electrolyte imbalances which are very serious complications.

Please be very cautious.

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I went through something like that when I first got off of Lexapro - frequent bowel movements but starting in the afternoon and continuing until bedtime. I called it the "Lexapro Trots". I've been off of the drug four months and I'd guess that particular symptom started going away about six weeks ago. It took a while, but I'm now back to normal in that regard.


I think Lexapro threw my entire system off. I still feel lousy in the mornings, mostly due to light sensitivity, stuffed sinuses, and tinnitus, but all of that is getting better off and on, so I expect it will all go away in time.

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Whenever I have decreased the dose of one of the drugs....You got it....I was in the bathroom. SSRI's affect my intestines big time.


I read once that we have serotonin in our intestinal track. Not sure if that is true, however I have spent many a day in the bathroom and yes....voiding many times during the night. All from WD, lowering doses, changing the slightest thing with this stuff.



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