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Posting again for reassurance


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I think you can see my story in my signature anyway I Am 6 months from a fast taper starting 3rd August came off citlopram after 18 years completely on 31st October and started sertraline on 5th November now 13 weeks on 100mg and still suffering withdrawals from citlopram and getting new symptoms 

tingling in head and like someone pushing down 

elastic band back 

tingling in whole face 

feel like whole body vibrating 
feel like walking on clouds 


my psych wants to up my dose as apparently I should feel better now I’m sertraline (I intend to come off them )


I don’t know whether to do this as I font want side effects plus withdrawals ... I feel like going to be stuck like this I just need reassurance again through this bad time


i am trying to ignore the symptoms but they are getting me down now ... This is exhausting and I have a full time job and 2 young children 



Citalopram 18 years Between 10mg to 40mg 

Tried tapering off 2012 20 mg WD 6 weeks later reinstated

August 2019 tapered down in 2.5 months instructed by psych 40-30mg in one month then 30mg -20mg  October 2019 cross tapered to sertraline one week 25mg sertraline 20mg citalopram then 25mg sertraline  10mg Citalopram 
Nov 2019 start sertraline 50mg 

23rd November start 100mg Sertraline 

2nd July 2020 - Start 125mg Sertraline

03.03.21 - 15 months since swapped


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