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geoff22: Want to hear success stories


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Hi - my name is Geoff and I am new to this site. I have now managed 14 days without any AD's for the first time in roughly 20 years. I just would like to hear of success stories of people who have managed to come off AD's and stay off them and what their experiences are please?. The last AD my GP put me on was Mirtazipine 30mg. This drug was so awful to be on I knew I had to try and come off it. as the half life of this drug is 20-40hrs the withdrawls werent the worst I have ever had. but now I am AD free (15mg then 7.5mg then 3.75mg!) and I feel really strange, wierd, bit fragile and pretty fearful of the future without AD's. I dont drink or take any other drugs and keep reasonably fit by going to the gym and swimming. I am 42 years old so still consider myself young enough to have a life without AD's.


Any help or suggestions would be greatky received!


plus I want to hear those success stories please?





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You've found a great place to help you through this.


It would be helpful to know how you tapered off of mirtazapine - dosages, timeframe, etc. One of the moderators will check in soon to advise based on your specific case. I didn't have the benefit of this group when I tapered off of Pristiq over 8 months, which I thought was slow. I jumped off of 25mg roughly a year ago and have been experiencing protracted withdrawal since then because I went too fast. The purpose of tapering very slowly is to allow the CNS/entire body to adapt to the changes caused by drugs and subsequent withdrawal.

Please check back frequently during the day. You are in a critical timeframe.


Pristiq tapered over 8 months ending Spring 2011 after 18 years of polydrugging that began w/Zoloft for fatigue/general malaise (not mood). CURRENT: 1mg Klonopin qhs (SSRI bruxism), 75mg trazodone qhs, various hormonesLitigation for 11 years for Work-related injury, settled 2004. Involuntary medical retirement in 2001 (age 39). 2012 - brain MRI showing diffuse, chronic cerebrovascular damage/demyelination possibly vasculitis/cerebritis. Dx w/autoimmune polyendocrine failure.<p>2013 - Dx w/CNS Sjogren's Lupus (FANA antibodies first appeared in 1997 but missed by doc).

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