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Workshop how to taper psychiatric drugs in Spanish

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Today,October 24th,workshop in Spanish how to taper psychiatric drugs among psychiatric patients. 

Abilify from 20 mg to 10 mg-Nov.29,2017 to March.24,2019; Abilify 10 mg March.24,2019 to Sep.26,2020; 9,4ml Sep.27,2020;9,8ml Sep.29,2020;9,6ml Oct.17,2020;9,4ml Oct.30, 2020;9,2ml Nov.15,2020;9ml November 25th,2020;8,8ml December 16th,2020;8,6ml December 30th,2020;8,4ml January 13th,2021;8,2ml February 2nd,2021;8ml February 25th,2021;7,8ml March 17th,2021;7,6ml April 6th,2021;7,4ml April 18th,2021;7,2ml May 4th,2021;7ml  May 26th,2021;6,8ml June 6th,2021;6,6ml July 5th,2021

Cymbalta 120 mg Jun.28,2011; 90mg Feb.19,2013 to Jun 5,2014;60 mg Jun.5,2014 to present

Klonopin 1,25 mg Jan.3,2016; 0,25mg Nov.28,2017 to present

biperiden extended release 4mg April.25,2008 to Feb.6,2009;Jun 24.2011 to present

Risperidone 2mg May.4,2017 to Dec 6.2019

Risperdal 1,5mg 12/06/19; 1,75mg 12/08/19; 1,5mg 12/20/19; 1,75mg (0,018g) 12/26/19

Risperidone 1,75ml 1/8/20; 1,70ml 1/18/20; 1,62ml 1/30/20; 1,54ml 2/29/20; 1,44ml 5/6/20; 1,42ml 5/7/20; 1,40ml 5/18/20; 1,30ml 6/1/20; 1,25ml 6/11/20; 1,12ml 7/5/20; 1ml 7/21/20; 0,96ml 8/16/20; 0,875ml 8/18/20; 0,86ml 8/28/20; 0,80ml 3/24/21;0,84ml 3/27/21; 0,86ml 4/4/21

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