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Should psychiatrists have to pay for their own steak dinners?

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Should these poor, poor, put-upon, stressed-out and overworked doctors have to buy their own steak dinners? A lot of people in Massachusetts don't seem to think so. Read the link below for more. And good on Dan Carlat for posting this. His sarcasm is invigorating!


*PS: Once you're down with reading the post, check out the older blog post below, where Dr. Carlat debates a Boston restaurateur about how pharma-funded dinners are NOT in the patient's interest. The restaurateur's ignorance and bias is simply jaw-dropping, and I've met many people like him who trust their doctor WAY too much. If he weren't so typically Boston abrasive, I'd perhaps feel sorry for the poor sod!


Carlat Blog


Carlat debates restaurant owner

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