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Identifying WD symptoms versus Side Effects in order to plan Tapering


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I’m challenged with trying to understand when next to cut my dose of Seroquel. 

I began a taper in December 2020 because I was experiencing Akathisia and Tachycardia at 87.5mg. 

In response, my psych lowered me to 50mg from the 87.5mg over the course of a month. 

whike I am in severe WD, the Akathisia is gone. As well the Tachycardia has improved (with a low dose (15mg) Propranolol to help).


However, in addition to the classic WD symptoms, I am still experiencing early morning Cortisol spikes with feeling profoundly hung over in the mornings. It lasts until noon everyday. This was similar to how I woke up before my cut. Except this time it’s no longer Akathisia, it’s a feeling of angst and very heavy hangover until about noon by which time I start to recover....until the next day’s repeat pattern.

I am confused as to whether this angst and hangover is still WD or a side effect. I know I still have WD instability but I’m getting to a point where sooner or later I want to cut again.

Feeling inbetween a rock and a hard place. How do I judge between side effects and WD so that I can try to get to what is called “Withdrawal Normal”? 

I will wait another month but feel I can’t linger for very long as the morning hangover is very severe and debilitating. I need to get off the Seroquel but also don’t want to rush and pay the consequences. 
Any insights to help me distinguish between the two conditions will be gratefully received. 

April 2019 ct from Clonazepan (Klonopin) 0.5mg. Chaotic CT

Gabapentin November 2019 600mg Chaotic RT

Nozinan November 2019. RT

ct Gabapentin and Nozinan May 2020

Seroquel in July 2020 90mg. Reduced to 50mg in Feb 2020 over one month. Too fast!!

Lexapro July 2020 5mg

Propranolol to control Tachycardia 2020. 15mg given in December 2020 on Cardiologist recommendation. 


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