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Sadgurl22 Coming off of Invega Sustenna/Withdrawals


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Does anyone know what withdrawals are like on invega sustenna? I'm experiencing what looks to be secondary negative symptoms from this med. I'm in a constant state of despair as well as distraction. I feel like my life is off track. I'm also unable to change my diet. I keep getting negative images in my head and vision as well as constantly thinking about the past. I feel like invega does this as it's a sign of cognitive function not working properly. I also can't stop walking and I keep talking to myself. I also feel like someone is always over me. I can't take naps. I only sleep at night and I always wake up with body aches and sweaty. I'm still on invega sustenna at 234mg. I've been on that dose for 2 years now. I first got on it in January of 2017. But got off it because it started making me lactate and feel totally different from how I used to be. They ended up putting me back on it tho. I've probably had about 24 injections in total. I hope to come off and never get on this med again. My mom keeps making them put me on it. I live with her at the moment. She's an evil person. Can't wait to move out! I wanna live with my bf but I dont see him that often I'm waiting to see if he will let me move in. I'm so miserable. I can't cry and if I do it's like I'm crying from my forehead and not my eyes. Any advice? Sorry for long post it's probably in the wrong topic. 

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Welcome, @Sadgurl22


You have gotten an injection, correct? Have you discussed these symptoms with your doctor?


This is a site for tapering off drugs, to go off an injection, you need to let it wear off.


We don't have the knowledge to counsel you about your legal rights or relationship with your prescriber. If I were you, I would contact one of these organizations and ask how you can find an advocate to deal with your prescriber and home situation. https://mindfreedom.org/affiliates-sponsors/mfi-sponsor-affiliate-public-list/

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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