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Anyone deal with Dementia type symptoms in your “Waves” and then feel some what more clear headed in the windows?


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This has been brutal, for the last month I’ve started to notice the “Waves and Windows” pattern somewhat starting.  Through all of this I “think” I’ve noticed a more clear window a a couple weeks back, but my memory is so bad in the waves I struggle to validate experiences via my own memory.


I’m 33 years old going on 85.  But then in the window I remember...maybe more like 33 years old going on 60.  


I hope it gets better, I feel so depersonalized on top of this all, its time travel.

2019 (poor taper jump off celexa 20mg to 10mg in 1week and xanax 1mg to .5 and jumped.

 relapsed onto Ativan 1mg per day and Effexor 150xr i think i maxed out at 225mg
tapered off Effexor April-September
tapered Ativan from late Sept-Oct
tapered Nov2-14 on Valium, JUMPED Nov 15 2020

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I can definitely relate. During worsr waves I have an idea what dementia can be like. I feel terrible brain fog. Even during windows I have issues with short term memory and consentrating, but during waves its even worse and I am constantly forgetting what I am doing etc.  During windows my head is more "clear"


I feel DP and DR on top of this. Confusion is also good word to describe what I feel some days, especially when the brain fog is bad and experience a wave.


I have been making improvements slowly but it wasnt long time ago when I had a wave when the cogn symptoms got worse again

2005-2009 Lexapro 10-20mg & Remeron 7,5mg: cold turkey

2010 tried Venlafaxine (month),

2011-2012 Seroquel 25mg (few months)

2014 6 days Cipro(antibiotics) adverse reaction

2011-2015 Lexapro 10-20mg (tapered off during 4 months) 

2015-2016 (all these drugs during 9 months during SSRI wd,did not tolerate most of them ) : tried Remeron, Temazepam. Reinstatement of Lexapro 3 months after stopping it: fail. Akathisia, insomnia. Zyprexa10mg, Sodium Valproate, Temazepam(20mg), Oxazepam 30-45 mgs. Switching meds: Seroquel 50-100mg, Oxazepam  30-45mg , Temazepam 20mg. Then back to Zyprexa 10mg, Temazepam20mg, doctor took me off Oxazepam fast. Then Zyprexa 20mg, Temazepam 20mg, melatonin10mg ( sometimes very rarely Valium 10 mg.) Zyprexa: cold turkey because 20 mg Zyprexa made akathisia intolerable after every dose. After it insomnia, 24/7 akathisia, adverse reactions to supplements.

2016 spring daily  Valium 15mg (for akathisia)>0mg (used for 4 months and during that time slowly tapered off), tried Betablockers (shortly), Temazepam 40 mg > 25 mg (tapered in 3 months)

2016 summer Temazepam 25 mg > 20 mg, melatonin 2,5 mg

2016 november Melatonin 0,5 mg, Temazepam 20 mg.  Started tapering again.

2022 july (microtapering) 3,0 mg Temazepam Supplements: Probiotics, magnesium oil occasionally, melatonin 0,5 mg

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Yes, it's quite frightening. I forget very basic things, zone out, can't think, can't focus... And I also feel like it's affected me in the windows as well. When I get tired I start to feel it. Sometimes I feel like I'm slurring my words slightly (partner says he hasn't noticed, so it's probably very mild because I definitely feel it). Omega-3 fish oil is helpful for supporting brain function (or hemp seed oil if you're vegan/vegetarian). 

Jan 2020-now - Tranexamic acid and 800mg ibuprofen for heavy periods

2015-2020 - Sertraline (Zoloft) - started at 25mg, went up to 200mg, tapered back down to 75mg, off in August 2020 (don't recall dates)

2015-now - Ritalin on and off as needed

2015 for 6 months - (before Sertraline) a month on Lithium, list of others I can't recall, Quetiapine (period of psych trying me on different drugs to see what would 'work')


Supplements: Probiotics | Magnesium + zinc + B6 | Hemp seed oil (omega-3) | Ferrograd (iron) + vitamin C | Collagen 


Intro topic: lostmysock: Sertraline 5 years, off since August 2020

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Hi. Have you felt any difference in your symptoms? Do they get better with time? 

2007-2010 Sertraline(200-400 mg) and Fluxetine 80mg for OCD

2010-2015 Changed many doctors and many medicine but it was mostly Sertraline 100mg-200mg and some tranquilizers for sleep

2015-2019 mostly Sertraline lower doses (50mg -100mg) but bunch of other medicine that I do not really remember.

August 2019 -Jan2020 Ecitalopram 10mg

Jan 2020-June 2020 Sertraline 50mg

June 2020-Oct 2020 (Cold Turkey) tried to suddenly stop Sertraline 50mg but had anxiety attacks

Oct 2020- March 2021 Sertraline 75mg

April 2020- Cold Turkey



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