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Is there a part of Withdrawal/Symptoms that feels strange/abstract?


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When I dealt with benzo withdrawal the anxiety and depression felt chemical and I could tell it was coming from the reduction of dosage. With antidepressants is it more abstract feeling? It’s like I live in the dark hopeless world and my feelings are bring manipulated by a demon or some dark force. The most concerning part is it doesn’t feel like it’s from the med it just feels like that’s how I am now and maybe I just am actually possessed or something.

2013-2014 Taper off Benzo for 5 months down to 0mg. 

2014-2016 Gradually tapered Adderall.

2016-2019 Clomipramine 75mg

2019-2021 (present) Clomipramine taper down and currently at 60mg.

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