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Vitamin B6


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If you are concerned about vitamin deficiencies then I suggest you get a blood test.










I live in the uk and there has been a article in the daily paper today saying that there has been a trial on adolescent teenagers using high doses of vitamin B6 for the treatment of anxiety and depression they were given 50x the normal amount as a supplement which apparently said showed a good remission rate I think it was on 2000 subjects so at least they are trying a different approach rather than thrusting meds at them 

I know B6 is not good for us that are in withdrawal as it activating but it would be nice to think that people can be helped by this other than chemicals 

I’m sorry I am unable to provide a link as it is just a article in one of the big papers today I have read


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I have also heard that low Vitamin D can cause/contribute to depression.


If you think you think you may be deficient in something then I suggest you get a blood test.  It is better/easier to treat something if it can be proven and it can also be followed up to see if the treatment is working and the dose might be reduced at a later stage.


Please do your own research before trying anything new and only start with a small dose and only make one change at a time.



Research I found using the term research paper study b6 depression:


Published: 17 June 2005

The role for vitamin B-6 as treatment for depression: a systematic review

Anna-leila Williams, Anne Cotter, Alyse Sabina, Christine Girard, Jonathan Goodman, David L Katz


Received 19 Jul 2006, Accepted 24 Jan 2007, Published online: 14 Jun 2013

Vitamin B6 Is Associated with Depressive Symptomatology in Massachusetts Elders

Cristina Merete, MS, Luis M. Falcon, PhD & Katherine L. Tucker, PhD


Published:  2008

Vitamin B6 level is associated with symptoms of depression


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