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The U.K. Advises Coming off Antidepressants Very, Very Slowly


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Interesting article. Not sure if it's been posted here yet.  The psychiatrist who had trouble weaning off meds himself, gives credit to this forum, actually. 



2002 - Feb 2021: Effexor, 187.5Mg (may have varied, but at 187.5Mg for long time)
Feb 2021 - Present: Effexor 225mg
2014 - Dec 2020: Remeron 15-45mg (varied nightly)
Dec 2020 - Present: Remeron 3.75mg (necessary rapid taper from 15Mg > 3.75Mg during Dec-Apr 2021)


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(FYI ... this is not for me - it's for my son, who needs my help to even use the forum at this point.)

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