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Wake therapy


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Has anyone heard of this sleep deprivation and bright light therapy to help with depression? 

here is a link to what I read. 



just wondering if anyone has tried it. I’m considering getting a lamp and seeing if it works since I can’t sleep at night anyway - my sleep is all over the place. 


*Currently at 8.2-8.5 mg of my 10mg pill of Paxil (they actually weigh 12.5mg) 

january 2023 I began reducing my med again. I was a 9mg weight for years, I went to 8.9 in January, went to 8.6mg in February, and in March 2023 I went down to 8.5-8.2 mg ( my scale varies, so I stick within that .3 range because of that) 

*No other supplements or vitamins 

*Taper schedule in the pdf 




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