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Wanting to switch from Celexa to Lexapro


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     I’m not opposed to SSRI’s. They’ve helped me with my anxiety/depression tremendously over the past 20 years. But now at 36, celexa is causing horrific night sweats. Life ruining as I wake up 6 times a night drenched and shivering. It’s destroying my quality of life. 
     I am currently tapering off (I’ve done it in the past so I know how to do it slowly and what works for me). I’m down to about 2.5mg and the sweats are less. BUT I want to try another SSRI when I have finished tapering. I had a rough year with a life saving surgery that had started with 6 months of being misdiagnosed until I was near dead. Celexa saved me through it. And now with my stressful job where I’m very public facing, I want to continue another SSRI, even if it’s a lower dose. 
     Has anyone else experienced the night sweats? Or did you find switching an SSRI to help? Is there one you prefer over another? I’ve been told to try Lexapro. 

thank you ❤️ 


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Dear @rachelw86

We are a site for going off of psychiatric drugs in the least harmful way - i.e. without withdrawal symptoms. We do not advise on what ADs to take and how to 'optimize' drug cocktails. 


The help you have found from ADs is likely due to a placebo effect - there's a recent Newsweek article that summarizes the research on the effectiveness of these drugs. Irving Kirsch is a Harvard researcher whose articles you can find if you're more scientifically inclined.


You are welcome to peruse the site to find information on people's experiences with ADs and we wish you recovery from your night sweats. You may wish to look at the hypersensitivity post in the symptoms forum to see what risks you might expect with stopping and starting drugs.


You're welcome to ask us questions about tapering and withdrawal and we'll do our best to answer. 


Good luck and hope you feel better 


"Nothing so small as a moment is insurmountable, and moments are all that we have. You have survived every trial and tribulation that life has thrown at you up until this very instant. When future troubles come—and they will come—a version of you will be born into that moment that can conquer them, too." - Kevin Koenig 


I am not a doctor and this should not be considered medical advice. You can use the information and recommendations provided in whatever way you want and all decisions on your treatment are yours. 


If you would like to get a response from me directly please type @Onmyway some place in your message so I get notified of your post. I am not able to follow all of the threads all the time.


Aug  2000 - July 2003 (ct, 4-6 wk wd) , citalopram 20 mg,  xanax prn, wellbutrin for a few months, trazodone prn 

Dec 2004 - July 2018 citalopram 20 mg, xanax prn (rarely used)

Aug 2018 - citalopram 40 mg (self titrated up)

September 2018 - January 2019 tapered citalopram - 40/30/20/10/5 no issues until a week after reaching 0

Feb 2019 0.25 xanax - 0.5/day (3 weeks) over to klonopin 0.25 once a day to manage severe wd

March 6, reinstated citalopram 2.5 mg (liquid), klonopin 0.25 mg for sleep 2-3 times a week

Apr 1st citalopram 2.0 mg (liquid), klonopin 0.25 once a week (off by 4/14/19- no tapering)

citalopram (liquid) 4/14/19 -1.8 mg, 5/8/19 - 1.6 mg,  7/27/19 -1.5 mg,  8/15/19 - 1.35, 2/21/21 - 1.1 (smaller drops in between), 6/20/21 - 1.03 mg, 8/7/21- 1.025, 8/11/21 - 1.02, 8/15/21 - 1.015, 9/3/21 - 0.925 (fingers crossed!), 10/8/21 - 0.9, 10/18/21 - 0.875, 12/31/21 - 0.85, 1/7/22 - 0.825, 1/14/22 - 0.8, 1/22/22 - 0.785, 8/18/22 - 0.59, 12/15/2022 - 0.48


Supplements: magnesium citrate and bi-glycinate

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Hi @rachelw86!


Im in my mid-40’s, but I started having night sweats around 10 years ago. Believe it or not hormone fluctuations were the cause! Peri menopause.  For me they’d happen around my period.  You might want to track & see if there’s a possibility it could be hormonal. 


Zoloft 50 mg since 2019.   

2023. January 33.75 mg  February 32.5 mg March 30.0 mg April 27.5 mg 

2022. January 50mg February 45 mg March 40.5 April-November 37.5  December 33.75 mg


Prior to discontinuation:  20 years of a variety of antidepressants & anti-anxiety meds from months to  years at a time (fluoxetine, nefazodone, venlafaxine, clonazepam, hydroxyzine).  I was unknowingly experiencing discontinuation and was frequently diagnosed with anxiety/exacerbations of previous illness as opposed to discontinuation. 


Supplements: Fish oil, Vitamin D3, magnesium,  B complex


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