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Ellenr: introduction, new member


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I recently joined the forum. I am not withdrawing from an SSRI/anti-depressant. I am interested in the topic, and found the site when I was reading about the CT school shooting. I was given Prozac some 30 or more years ago (I am now 65) when I was suffering from "depression". I no long consider depression or any other mental/emotional/psychological state, no matter how awful it may be, as an "illness". I was suicidal, and the therapist gave me Prozac. I had such an awful reaction that I can't remember it. I just know I woke up in the morning and thot - that was the worst experience I ever had. And never did remember what happened. Another time, I was prescribed another drug, don't remember what, and the first time I took it, I drove thru a blinking yellow light, instead of pausing or stopping, and narrowly missed causing a 3-car collision. I still had this idea that there was magic in the pharmaceutical, so I tried yet a 3rd drug which suddenly hit me when I was outside, trying to cross a street, and suddenly I couldn't remember how to lift my foot.


Finally I started educating myself and never took any more drugs. I did a lot of kundalini yoga and never feel suicidal anymore. I find that SAM-e helps me if I feel 'blue', but you know what - with the world the way it is- it is not inappropriate to sometimes feel gloomy, I would question the sanity of anyone that never felt sad about things in the world. Sometimes I do get mired in feeling bad, and then I find that taking SAM-e, or doing yoga, or being in nature, will keep me more balanced.



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Hi ellenr


Welcome to the forum!


I think in a way it was good you had those reactions from the drugs you were put on as it has saved you from lots of long term suffering that many on this site experience.


It is good that you have found the yoga to help too. I keep telling myself I must start yoga lol.


The sam-e is not always helpful to people who are withdrawing as their nervous systems become very sensitive after taking prescription drugs for many years. Im glad it works for you though


There is a lot of info on this site to look through, so enjoy your reading and your knowledge may help people


Debbie x

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Welcome, Ellenr.


Yes, there are people who are highly sensitive to serotonergics and suffer serious adverse effects right away. You seem to be one of them. Very wise of you to stay as far away as possible from all antidepressants!


We have a couple of people here who have suffered withdrawal symptoms identical to antidepressant withdrawal from taking SAM-e every day for a long time. Please take care not to take too much of it for too long.


Please do add your knowledge to our community.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Thanks for posting your Intro, Ellenr, and welcome!

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