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temp42 Been taking migraine meds for two days. Safe to stop?


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I'm not sure that this is the right forum for this question, but I think people here are knowledgeable and I've seen some of these drugs mentioned here.


Two days ago, my neurologist prescribed some meds for migraines. I've decided they're too much trouble, as I started having weird side effects - drowsiness, sleepiness (slept for almost 18 hours), tingling, cold hands and arms, numbness, hallucinations, etc. Do you think it's ok to stop? Here's what I've taken so far:

Day 1:

Morning - 50mg topiramate, 50mg propranolol

Evening - 50mg topiramate, 50mg propranolol, 50mg amitriptyline


Day 2:

Morning - 50mg topiramate, 50mg propranolol

Evening - 50mg topiramate, 50mg sertraline, 50mg amitriptyline

(propranolol changed to sertraline after numbness and diziness complaints)


Day 3 (today):

Morning - 50mg topiramate, 50mg sertraline

Evening - nothing


Thanks for any help.

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Hi Temp, it will probably be better for you to post your question in the introductions forum,

that is where you are most likely to be seen. You will get lots of help and support here. Sorry

I can't offer any help myself, I haven't a clue but someone will be along who can help.  :)


Introductions http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/forum/3-introductions-and-updates/

**I am not a medical professional, if in doubt please consult a doctor with withdrawal knowledge.



Different drugs occasionally (mostly benzos) 1976 - 1981 (no problem)

1993 - 2002 in and out of hospital. every type of drug + ECT. Staring with seroxat

2002  effexor. 

Tapered  March 2012 to March 2013, ending with 5 beads.

Withdrawal April 2013 . Reinstated 5 beads reduced to 4 beads May 2013

Restarted taper  Nov 2013  

OFF EFFEXOR Feb 2015    :D 

Tapered atenolol and omeprazole Dec 2013 - May 2014


Tapering tramadol, Feb 2015 100mg , March 2015 50mg  

 July 2017 30mg.  May 15 2018 25mg

Taking fish oil, magnesium, B12, folic acid, bilberry eyebright for eye pressure. 


My story http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/4199-hello-mammap-checking-in/page-33


Lesson learned, slow down taper at lower doses. Taper no more than 10% of CURRENT dose if possible



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It would be best for you to contact your neurologist and discuss the problems you're having.  None of the staff on this forum are trained medical people and we can't offer advice about migraine medications.  We primarily offer information and support to people who want to taper off antidepressants.


I'm sorry we can't be of more help, but this situation is a medical matter.

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Please note that I am not a medical professional and my advice is based on personal experience, reading, and anecdotal information posted by other sufferers.


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I ditto Jemima, except to say that the amitriptyline is an AD, and as far as there being any danger of withdrawal in quitting that after only two doses, I think you'll be fine. Can't speak to the other meds nor to migraines in general. Best of luck to you!

Started on Prozac and Xanax in 1992 for PTSD after an assault. One drug led to more, the usual story. Got sicker and sicker, but believed I needed the drugs for my "underlying disease". Long story...lost everything. Life savings, home, physical and mental health, relationships, friendships, ability to work, everything. Amitryptiline, Prozac, bupropion, buspirone, flurazepam, diazepam, alprazolam, Paxil, citalopram, lamotrigine, gabapentin...probably more I've forgotten. 

Started multidrug taper in Feb 2010.  Doing a very slow microtaper, down to low doses now and feeling SO much better, getting my old personality and my brain back! Able to work full time, have a full social life, and cope with stress better than ever. Not perfect, but much better. After 23 lost years. Big Pharma has a lot to answer for. And "medicine for profit" is just not a great idea.


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Feb 10 2015:   50 Lamictal      0.875 Celexa    0.11 Xanax      1.5 Valium

Feb 15 2016:   47.5 Lamictal   0.75 Celexa      0.0875 Xanax    1.42 Valium    

2/12/20             12                       0.045               0.007                   1 

May 2021            7                       0.01                  0.0037                1

Feb 2022            6                      0!!!                     0.00167               0.98                2.5 mg Ambien

Oct 2022       4.5 mg Lamictal    (off Celexa, off Xanax)   0.95 Valium    Ambien, 1/4 to 1/2 of a 5 mg tablet 


I'm not a doctor. Any advice I give is just my civilian opinion.

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Hi Temp,


i can't believe your doctor prescribed all of these meds to you at the same time!  Sertraline is also an AD but it sounds like you've only had 2 doses of that one too so you should be able to just stop taking it (others please chime in if this is not a good idea).  I get a lot of migraines so I really feel for you, Temp.  In fact, you are wise to stay away from antidepressant medication because the one I am on now, Celexa, is causing a constant headache for me - and sometimes turns into more of a migraine type of headache.  I don't have any personal experience with Topiramate but have heard a lot of bad things about this medication - it makes people feel quite slow cognitively and I do believe some have trouble coming off of it, similar to ADs.  I think you are very lucky that you haven't felt well with these medications as your body is telling you to stay away from them.

-1/06 - 3/07 Cymbalta. Fast taper; withdrawal symptoms after 4 mos (didn't realize was WD)

-10/07: 100 mg Zoloft; 1 mg Klonopin - tapered off Klonopin after 4 mos. Several unsuccessful slow tapers of Zoloft; went up and down in dose a lot

-Spring 2013 back on 1 mg Klonopin to counter WD symptoms; switched over 5-6 mos from Zoloft to 35 mg citalopram
-Two attempts at slow tapering citalopram, always increased dose due to WD; also increased Klonopin to 1.25 mg in 2014, then to 1.5 mg in 2015

-8/17-9/17: After holding one year at 20 mg, feeling withdrawal symptoms due to stress - slowly increased to 25 mg. No change in symptoms after 6 months (? tolerance ?)  - decided to start citalopram taper February 2018 (still on Klonopin 1.5 mg).

Supplements: fish oil; magnesium; vitamin D3; curcumin

Citalopram taper:  2/2018 - 12/2019: 25 mg - 11.03 mg I 2020: 10.89 mg - 7.9 mg I 2021: 7.8 mg - 5.26 mg I 2022: 5.2 mg - 3.36 mg 

2023: 1/9/23: 3.3 mg; 1/16/23: 3.2 mg; 1/23/23: 3.16 mg; 1/30/23: 3.1 mg; 2/13/23: 3.0 mg; 2/20/23: 2.98 mg; 2/27/23: 2.9 mg; 3/6/23: 2.86 mg; 3/20/23: 2.8 mg; 3/27/23: 2.75 mg; 4/3/23: 2.7 mg; 4/10/23: 2.6 mg; 4/24/23: 2.59 mg; 5/1/23: 2.5 mg; 5/8/23: 2.48 mg; 5/16/23: 2.4 mg; 5/30/23: 2.38 mg; 6/6/23: 2.3 mg; 6//13/23: 2.29 mg; 6/20/23: 2.24 mg; 7/4/23: 2.2 mg; 7/12/23: 2.16 mg; 7/19/23: 2.1 mg; 7/26/23: 2.07 mg; 8/9/23: 2.03 mg; 8/16/23: 1.99 mg; 8/23/23: 1.95 mg; 8/30/23: 1.91 mg; 9/13/23: 1.87 mg; 9/20/23: 1.83 mg



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Generally, it's safe to stop neuroactive drugs after a couple of doses.


All of them will eventually cause physiological dependency.


I would talk to your doctor AND make sure to minimize all medications. When you start multiple medications like this, you have no idea where side effects are coming from. More medications mean more interactions between medications.


Also, you need to find what works. If one drug will help your migraines, why take 3?


If this doctor's practice is to throw a bunch of medications all at once at patients, I would find a doctor with more conservative prescribing habits.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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