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There are two types of brainwave entertainment programs that I have tried out of WD, years ago- namely binaural brainwave entertainment and Isochronic Brainwave entertainment- that have really done nothing for me. However, I came across a website called Iso-Tones and they have some 'sounds' that may help us. However, the science behind it isn't realty understood and I'm weary about trying it again as I am in WD. Here's the tones from the site that I found relevant to us:

"DNA Meditation - As per request this tone combines the key frequencies from the DNA and Deep Meditation tones. 30 minutes long.
DNA Stimulation/Repair - This tone uses frequencies shown to encourage DNA stimulation and repair, if for some reason you need/desire that, then try this one out. It is 15-minutes long.
Healing - This tone is designed to aid in the healing process, both mental and phsyical. 15 minutes long.
 Behavior Change - This 20-minute long tone uses frequencies to aid you with behavior change. This tone is useful in aiding a behavior change such as eating less or breaking an addiction.
Cell Health - This tone uses frequencies that have been shown to aid in cell regeneration and the transfer of essential nutrients into cells. 12 minutes long. "


Here's a link if anyone's interested: http://iso-tones.com/index.php/tones/miscellaneous


This may be extremely stimulating to anyone in WD.

I am off of all meds as of May 20th, 2013, after 5 weeks on Zoloft and a 4 week taper. Still experiencing: moderate anhedonia & PSSD, I am otherwise mostly healed. 


2.1 years off of medication. 


"If I walk away, don't hate me. I've got to see where the pain will take me.


I found no angels...I found myself."

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