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Sungazer bupropion taper to zero


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I was hoping for advice on my bupropion taper to zero. I'm at 50mg/day right now and need to say here for another week.
I'm quartering my 100mg SR and taking 25mg AM and 25mg PM. Not sure where to go from here. I keep it AM and PM because of my understanding of the SR half life chart in the bupropion taper thread but I can't cut the meds smaller than 25mg anymore.  I need a refill and could switch to IR bupropion?  What is my next small step?

My history is off and on since 2008.  Includes Zoloft, Zoloft & Celexa, Celexa & Bupropion and most recently


450mg XL past

300mg XL --1-1-2015

200mg SR (100mg AM, 100mg PM) 3-28-15

150mg XL

100mg SR

75mg SR (50mg cut SR AM 50mg cut SR PM) 

50mg SR (25mg cut SR AM 25mg cut SR PM) 5-29-2015

WD  is hunger starting at 150XL.  About 2 days of empty hunger, dizzy, weakness.  I eat low carb high fat so I'm never hungry.  Took two cuts before I figured out it was a pattern.  Now I feed it and it is manageable and lasts about a day/cut.  Feels like a hangover.



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