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Anyone read this? Don't know how credible the info is but it sounds scary . Especially when I am trying to heal.


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2006-15 Effexor on and off mostly on. Also tried drugs that didn't work; notriptyline, Celexa, Zoloft, Welbutrin, Abilify, Pristiq, Cymbalta. Weaned off Effexor for last time quickly (2015) - horrible depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
Remeron (2016) helped wd symptoms. 
2017 - tapered off Rem over a few mths. Horrible wd symptoms with insomnia. Reinstating Remeron fail. For wd insomnia tried: Trazodone, Elavil, Gabapentin, Seroquel, Doxepin, Valium. Failed. 2mg Ativan at bed intermittent use 4mth.
CT Ativan - off all meds June '17.  Recovered by Oct '17 - well for a yr.
Oct '18-now. Major stresses, drank alcohol. In hell -insomnia, dp/dr, head pressure, anhedonia, no emotions, blank mind.
May/June '19 - 16 doses Rem CT, 10 doses 2mg Ativan. CT

Recovered Oct 2020-June 2022 - fully functional, working.  Only left with head pressure.

Major stresses - mainly financial, living space, relationship - severe insomnia, severe anxiety, depression, dp/dr, emotional numbness, blank mind

Sept 2022 - for sleep - took 8 doses of 15mg Remeron, 3 doses of 7.5mg, 3 doses of 3.75mg, 3 doses of 1.875mg

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well the only thing we can really do now is to try our best to heal and progress through our lives. i think this article is specifically to scare people not to take ssri's. Besides that I think that we will heal. we just have to take initiative in changing our habits and perspectives. don't get me wrong it scares me too, but i try not to think too much of it

Summer 2013: started on Prozac for OCD

Fall 2013: started Lexapro due to Prozac zombie effects


Stopped Lexapro because of lack of empathy/emotion,anxiety,lack of concentration etc.

Fall 2014: switched to zoloft 


February 2015: started effexor quit C/D after 2 weeks.

April 2015: was on zoloft for a month again to try and wean a bit more slowly. DID not work.

May 2015: dumped all of my medications

July 2015: Struggling day to day with withdrawal symptoms but hopeful that I'll be better at the end of august for the next school year.

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UN and Darwin, have you checked through the media and journal sections on this site?  There is a good selection of informative and well documented articles. Alto is a foremost expert in the field and is doing her best to rectify the vacuum of knowledge about going off psychiatric drugs.  To this end, she is compiling a most impressive compendium of resources, which are often accessed by medical professionals interested in furthering their knowledge in the area.



PS.. Darwin, I fully agree.. one of the main purposes of the article is to scare people.  There are certainly more constructive ways to address the topic.  Fear mongering is not helpful to anyone, but it's all over the net and speaks to the fact we need to be cautious about what we choose to read.

As always, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! A proud supporter of the 10% (or slower) rule.


Requip - 3/16 ZERO  Total time on 25 years.


Lyrica: 8/15 ZERO Total time on 7 or 8 yrs.

BENZO FREE 10/13 (started tapering 7/10)  Total time on 25 years.


Read my intro thread here, and check the about me section.  "No matter how cynical you get, it's almost impossible to keep up." Lily Tomlin



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This person is a proponent of all kinds of conspiracy theories, including anti-Semitic ones. Please, no more from this site. Thank you.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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