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Kernie0823 stopped Prozac


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Hey, new to the site and I just stopped Prozac about a week ago. When i would lower my dose I would have the hyperness and trouble sleeping but i have been ok so far. I am afraid of having my nervousness and insomnia coming back but im trying to stay positive. I do work out now and eat alot cleaner so i think that is helping. I cannot lose a pound on this stuff! I did the insanity work out TWICE since Novemeber 2015 and i didnt lose a thing! I feel better but i want these extra pounds lost. I did get pregannt when i started prozac but I just thought the weight gain was from the pregnancy. Now he is almost 2 and i havent lost a pound. Dieting and exerecising and nothing. Thats when I knew i was done with Prozac. I cannot stamd being this big and I have never had this much trouble losing weight, I am hoping I have some weight loss so I can update. As for withdrawal symptoms I think it varies from person to person.

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Welcome, Kernie0823.


I moved your post here, to start your Introductions topic. Please post in this topic to let us know how you are doing.


How did you go off Prozac?

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Any update?

Thought for the day: Lets stand up, and let’s speak out , together. G Olsen

We have until the 14th. Feb 2018. 

URGENT REQUEST Please consider submitting  for the petition on Prescribed Drug Dependence and Withdrawal currently awaiting its third consideration at the Scottish Parliament. You don't even have to be from Scotland. By clicking on the link below you can read some of the previous submissions but be warned many of them are quite harrowing.


Please tell them about your problems taking and withdrawing from antidepressants and/or benzos.

Send by email to petitions@parliament.scot and quote PE01651 in the subject heading. Keep to a maximum of 3 sides of A4 and you can't name for legal reasons any doctor you have consulted. Tell them if you wish to remain anonymous. We need the numbers to help convince the committee members we are not isolated cases. You have until mid February. Thank you

Recovering paxil addict

None of the published articles shed light on what ssri's ... actually do or what their hazards might be. Healy 2013. 

This is so true, with anything you get on these drugs, dependance, tapering, withdrawal symptoms, side effects, just silent. And if there is something mentioned then their is a serious disconnect between what is said and reality! 

  "Every time I read of a multi-person shooting, I always presume that person had just started a SSRI or had just stopped."  Dr Mosher. Me too! 

Over two decades later, the number of antidepressant prescriptions a year is slightly more than the number of people in the Western world. Most (nine out of 10) prescriptions are for patients who faced difficulties on stopping, equating to about a tenth of the population. These patients are often advised to continue treatment because their difficulties indicate they need ongoing treatment, just as a person with diabetes needs insulin. Healy 2015

I believe the ssri era will soon stand as one of the most shameful in the history of medicine. Healy 2015

Let people help people ... in a natural, kind, non-addictive (and non-big pharma) way. J Broadley 2017



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