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Human growth hormone


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Has anyone ever considered human growth hormone to help rebuild healthy cells? Please let me know thanks

Zoloft 6mg gabapentin 600 mg lamictal 25 mg

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It's a pharmaceutical, how do you plan on going about getting it? Also, it's best not to play with pure hormones (with only a few exceptions like DHEA, Pregnenolone etc), you may end up shutting natural hormone production down - which would not be good. HGH though extremely beneficial, is also one of the most expensive hormones, surpassing even most anabolic steroids (for the good stuff), and as such it is hardly sustainable, especially considering the gruesome recovery process you will need to recharge your pituitary gland after. It's normally prescribed for people with chronic growth deficiency, congenital defects and for specific rattles associated with aging (in seniors and elderly).

Past AD Experiences : (Fluvoxamine 3 years, D/C'd @ age 15).

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Originally for OCD, the luvox took about 6 months to taper off.

Withdrawal supplements; lemon balm, Vitamin B3, black water/fulvic acid, high-protein diet to restore neurotransmitters, aniracetam to counter memory issues, deprenyl for persisting anhedonia.

Regimen still maintained til this day. Lemon balm, generally as capsules, however, as I suffer chronic Insomnia, I often use essential oil or as aromatherapy before bed , in combination with magnesium and lysine on bad nights.

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