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What's with all the new depression medication in the ads on TV?


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I'm seeing so many new depression medications advertised on TV.  I just saw one called Trintellix.  Is this a new class of antidepressants?

1984 Started Imipramine and then was switched to Zoloft a few years later
January 2011 Abilify added to 200mgs of Zoloft. 
April 2012 Switched to Cymbalta with Abilify
May 2012 Switched to Lexapro with Ability
October 2012 stopped Abilify cold turkey
December 2012 put on Klonopin (60 days)
December 2012 put back on Zoloft 200mgs
January 2013 did a four week taper off Zoloft
Ambien CR for two years
Off Zoloft on February 15, 2013.

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TRINTELLIX (vortioxetine), previously named BRINTELLIX


From:  https://www.takeda.com/news/2016/20160503_7397.html


"Brintellix (vortioxetine) Renamed Trintellix (vortioxetine) in U.S. to Avoid Name Confusion



This name change comes after receiving reports of name confusion in the marketplace between Brintellix and the anti-blood clotting therapy Brilinta® (ticagrelor)."


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  (6 year taper)      0mg Pristiq  on 13th November 2021

ADs since ~1992:  25+ years - 1 unknown, Prozac (muscle weakness), Zoloft; citalopram (pooped out) CTed (very sick for 2.5 wks a few months after); Pristiq:  50mg 2012, 100mg beg 2013 (Serotonin Toxicity)  Tapering from Oct 2015 - 13 Nov 2021   LAST DOSE 0.0025mg

Post 0 updates start here    My tapering program     My Intro (goes to tapering graph)

 VIDEO:   Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome and its Management

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