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POD: Ex partner desperate for understanding


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I'd like to start by stating that I'm not on anti depressants & apologise in advance if I should not be posting on here. I am just desperate for understanding, so that I can move forward.


My ex partner was on low dose fluoextine which he had not long started before he met me (for PTSD). He seemed very smitten by our relationship, talked constantly of the future together & continuously told me how happy he was that he'd met me, even booked a holiday for us for the near future. We were only together for a short time (approx 4 months). One morning he kissed me good bye for work, & later sent a text saying that he was not attracted to me & apologised. This was a huge shock!


This triggered me to start researching anti depressants & side effects - in particular loss of libido, & other sexual issues. (His break up text said that I was perfect, he just didn't feel a sexual connection, & that was important to him - I questioned wether it was a physical thing & he said no, physically he was attracted, just not sexually). I emailed him some info I'd found. He replied saying he doesn't want to hear from me again.


What I'm struggling with (apart from lack of closure) is, could this sudden change be due to his ssri, or was I fooled by an *******? I understand that these drugs effect everyone differently, so maybe I'll never get answers, but I thought if I could communicate with someone who has experienced this, it will help me understand & move forward with my life. The side effects he was open about was his crazy sweating & body twitches.


I hope somebody is willing to share if they think this could be a result of the drug, or if it's unlikely due to low dose & short time frame (I believe 10 mg daily fluoextine & was on it for about 5 months before suddenly deciding he was not attracted to me).

I wish you all well with your recovery!

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Hi POD and welcome to SA,


I'm sorry to hear of what happened to your relationship.  We have other members here with similar experience.


This is the area of the site where posts about partners/ex-partners are:  Relationships


These are some of the ones which came up on pages 1 and 2.


Please be aware that some of the posts may be distressing.


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