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Hope29: Symptoms of xeplion (invega injection)


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Hi there, new here, after searching a lot through the Web. Im not notice English speakers, so sorry for my mistakes.

Im on this injection for there months already, after a psychotic breakdown due to a use of marijuana.

I feel so bad from the injection, like my brain is not the same. All slow, indiffrenet,and the word that i learn from ppl who suffer "anhedonia". I heard a lot of stories about ppl who stop with it, and after couple of months feat better. I feel now so down and on the bottom. Like all I wanna do is stay in the bed. No idea, no motivaton, no libido. Like I've lost my old self. It's frighthening,can sombody tell me that after the good treatment of the brain, and stop with the injections(I have there more months) life will feel alive again? I know it's a true process bit I have a friend who got out from it, after u sing Anafranil pill. Hope for answers, thx. (by the way I see a psychatrist, and he tell me just wait) and gave me lustral, but it doesn't help.)

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Hi, Hope29.


Welcome to SA.  Your English is fine, and I'm glad you found us for information and support.


Yes, anhedonia is a very common symptom from these drugs, but it is temporary. In time, you'll get your emotions back.


I also see you're on Lustral, which is also known as the antidepressant Zoloft, and it may be causing you problems, as well. 


Although you are coming off an injection of Invega, you may find this thread helpful, as it gives information on the injection such as the half-life:


Tips for tapering off Invega (paliperidone)


Although this site was started for antidepressant withdrawal, antipsychotic withdrawal has many of the same symptoms. These threads give some information that will be helpful: 


What is withdrawal syndrome? 
The Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization




Please give us more information about your Lustral (Zoloft) use:


  • When did you start taking it?
  • What dose are you on? 


We'll be able to help you with your symptoms if you could list your current drug use and symptoms in this format:


Keep notes on paper about your drug dosages and daily symptom pattern


Please fill out your signature with your drug and supplement history. 


Please put your withdrawal history in your signature


This is your thread to list your symptoms and to ask plenty of questions.


Again, welcome to the forum. Please let us know how you are doing. 





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