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Cases of Psych Med Neuro-Toxicity for either Disability or Big Pharma


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I think I know the answer but after meeting with a neuro psych who focuses on "neuro-toxicity" she feels I may have a case to either reinstate my disability or possibly go against big pharma. The CFS route didnt work as its hard to justify someone who has gone downhill in 12 months like me. If anyone knows of any prior lawsuits that I could reference or is willing to make a written statement that they had an adverse reaction please let me know. The neuro psych didnt mention if prior WD cases would be helpful. Though equally serious I got the impression she was only focused adverse reactions. I feel I have to make some noise somehow as I feel I'm declining.  

Lexapro: started in 2002 at 10 mgs.

Ambien: started as a as needed sleep aid in 2010.

Quit Lexapro cold turkey in June 20015 due to contributing to low sodium issues.

Restarted Lexapro in late November for a week (only 5 mgs) but quit due to dizziness side effects. Side effects worsened for 3 weeks until

12/24/15: Protracted WD hit, experienced extreme anxiety, insomnia lack of full concentration and social challenges.

Reinstated Lexapro on 1/1/16 at 5 mgs. Increased per Dr to 7.5 MG. Tapered off Lexapro in March 2016.

Started 50MG of Seroquel in late January 2016 for bedtime to help in eliminate Ambien. Tapered off both Seroquel and Ambien in March 2016.

2/14/16: Prescribed both Remeron (15 MG) and Temazapam (15 MG) for sleep. Also use Klonopin and Ambien again in place of Temazapam to avoid addiction. However I did take Temazapam 60 straight days

6/15/16: Stopped use of all benzo's and now use Belsomra 1-2 times a week. Still on 15 MG of Remeron

10/11/16: Off all psych medications


After kindling, trying to regain my strength suffering from severe mental and physical fatigue.

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