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Risperdal and Johnson & Johnson - America's Most Admired Lawbreaker


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Risperdal Legos - seen in many pediatrician offices around the country. 


This is a great historical account of Risperdal and how Johnson & Johnson broke laws to make and market this drug:


America's Most Admired Lawbreaker


Note: Click on the middle icon on the left of the screen and it will open the contents page. There are 14 chapters in total. There's also a timeline on the left where you can get Johnson & Johnson's historical data from 1886 to 2015. 


Recently in the news is the story of Johnson & Johnson being given an ethics award. 


"Should a drug company that’s agreed to pay billions in criminal and civil fines for illegally marketing its drugs to children and dementia patients be honored with an ethics prize?"


Ever feel like the world is spinning backwards? 



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beyond ridiculous.

In March 2016 i suffered from a paranoia/schizophrenic episode which resulted in me taking risperidone/risperdal 3mg for about 3 weeks along with a couple 7mg long acting injections.  i had an intense withdrawal after stopping cold turkey and i have been off risperidone ever since then.



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