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Mitochondria damage


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A while back someone wrote a post about mitochondrial damage  but I can't find it now. I seem to remember it was not very well received and someone said "that has nothing to do with dysautonomia" or something like that


After reading thousands of post on different forums over a number of years, it seems to me  that different people have different symptom clusters that can't all be labeled as dysautonomia. The "electric shocks" when touching something made of metal, the real skeletal muscle weakness that makes you fall to the floor when trying to stand up, the stroke-like syndrome with one weak and one stiff body half,  and the shortness of breath (real shortness of breath, not the anxiety type "I can't breathe". and the feeling of having lactic acid in the entire body, the skin thickening etc can't all be explained by dysautonomia. Anyway, it seems it has been found that all psychotropic drugs and some others including statins and acetaminophen (called paracetamol in Europe) containing pain killers) damage mitochondria.


Pub Med abstract here:




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Try searching in google by typing in:


survivingantidepressants.org mitochondrial damage


survivingantidepressants.org mitochondria


survivingantidepressants.org dysautonomia


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